The Butheeb Equestrian Academy

The Butheeb Equestrian Academy

The Butheeb Equestrian Academy is a training center that provides daily equitation and stable management training for all levels as an after school activity for youth ages 10-21. Students are encouraged to take part in a range of equestrian disciplines to develop a broad range of equitation and horsemanship skills.


The academy also works in conjunction with the British Horse Society to provide the students with worldwide recognized qualifications, sponsors a team of show jumping riders that compete at national and international shows and encourages the younger students to take part in competitions held at Butheeb and in other venues around the UAE. The Tent-pegging team is highly successful and riders from the academy have won medals and represented the UAE at World Championships.


The academy also holds a number of national and international showjumping, dressage, Arabian halter shows and tent-pegging events throughout the season in the large indoor arena, which is equipped with a dining hall, stabling for over 250 horses, a conference room and theatre.


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